5 Perfect Rooms to Curl Up in this Fall

CO Fireplace

While I sometimes think that summer is my favorite season of all, I am brought back to reality when September rolls around. Baking in the sun, swimming, and cook-outs are all fun activities to partake in during the summer but I love the comfort and coziness of Fall best of all. As we settle into October, it is so nice to have a break from summer’s heat waves, breeze into Indian Summer, and then slowly enjoy the crispness of Fall. Apple and pumpkin picking, Halloween decorating, and Thanksgiving dinner are all staple things to do and enjoy during this beautiful season and that’s why it is definitely my favorite.

I love that after a full summer of outside activities all of my family and friends gather into the best room of the house, what we call the “Fireplace Room,” to cozy up and enjoy each other’s company. Here are some other incredible “Fireplace Rooms,” from homes around the country. Which one is your faorite? Enjoy!

1. Malibu, California29,995,000

Malibu Fireplace


2. Aspen, Colorado5,400,000

Aspen Fireplace


3. Millburn Township, NJ4,595,000

NJ Fireplace


4. Alto, Michigan$698,000

Michigan Fireplace


5. Scottsdale, Arizona$7,780,000

Arizona Fireplace

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