800 Square-Foot Dream Home?


I just can’t get enough of small houses that are well designed like the one you’re about to see here.

It’s a timber frame beauty by Nir Pearlson in Oregon. His firm specializes in green designs.

In this case, his clients wanted an energy-efficient small home made out of sustainable materials.

The clients are an aging couple who are nearing retirement so they wanted a single story design that they’d love.

I encourage you to learn more about this house and get the full photo tour below:

It’s amazing how many talented people it takes to put something beautiful like this together. I know I couldn’t have come up with something this nice by myself (without an architect).

So the clients chose Nir Pearlson as an architect and Six Degrees Construction as the builder. And the finished product looks pretty marvelous if you ask me.


I love the covered back porch and how the home has several entrances/exits.. That along with all of the deck space that you get outside. Also notice the solar panels on the roof.

Open Front Porch


So far, so good right? It gets better. Let me take you inside.


I love timber frame houses. There’s something about it especially when the beams are exposed that looks so great to me. It’s too bad that building like this costs so much more nowadays. But I still think it’s worth it. Especially if we build smaller. And smarter.













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