Sustainable Jersey Shore Getaway

Tuckerton Seaport

Want to stay away from the beach crowds, but at a loss of what else to do this weekend at the Jersey Shore? Get some inspiration from The Examiner’s feature of warm-weather highlights in South Jersey. And check out one of my favorites, The Avenue!

From - With the Labor Day weekend upon us, many are sad to see and hear the unofficial end of summer with its “Back to School, Back to Work” theme song. As a pick-me-up, why not plan your next vacation? Here are tips for a sustainable Jersey Shore getaway.

When is a museum more like a theme park? When you need a map to decide where to go next! Located on 40 acres in Tuckerton, the Tuckerton Seaport – Baymen Maritime Museum is a true taste of the Jersey Shore lifestyle. With 23 original and replica buildings and boats dating from about 1700 to 1935, and exhibits on work and play from the 18th through the 20th centuries, you’ll learn about common Jersey Shore activities in those times, some legal (decoy carving and boat building) some illegal (piracy), and some just downright fun (surfing).

Barnegat Lighthouse, also known as Old Barney, is the symbol of the New Jersey shore and is not to be missed. Located at the northern end of Long Beach Island, where some of the best beaches are found, it’s 217 steps to the top, then enjoy the view.

Dining is no problem. From 10th Avenue Burrito Company to the north (featured on Diners Drive-Ins, and Dives), Fred and Ethel’s Lantern Light Tavernto the south (plenty of small shops nearby) and JR’s Ocean Grill in-between (on the boardwalk, do we need to say more?), no chain restaurants are necessary. To take a step further to locally sourced food and drink, try The Avenue in Egg Harbor City. This place is a craft beer Mecca, and you don’t have to pay more than four bucks for a brew! Delicious, local food, as well. Menu changes daily, so try the B.O.D (beast of the day), or the F.O.D. (fish of the day).

There’s no shortage of boutique hotels and inns on the Jersey Shore, but The Colonial Inn at Smithville is centrally located to many of the attractions mentioned here, and is recommended.

There are a few damaged buildings here and there in these shore towns, but for the most part the shore has been rebuilt, and is ready and open for business.

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