View of Atlantic City from Brigantine beach

View of Atlantic City from Brigantine beach

The Brigantine beach community is South Jersey’s best kept secret, beautifully hidden from summer tourists and a pristine hideaway for families looking for sun, sand and relaxation.

The island is bound by the Atlantic Ocean, Brigantine Inlet, Absecon Inlet, and inland waterways. The island is 6.39 square miles in area, half of which is owned by the State of New Jersey under the Green Acres Program. The Brigantine National Wildlife Refuge, a 20,000 acre national park, lies three miles northwest of the City. Brigantine is primarily a residential community with no industry, though it does have commercial facilities that serve its 9,454 residents. Expansion within the city is currently, and expected to remain, primarily of a residential nature, with single-family homes comprising the majority of new construction on the island.

The median household income in Brigantine, NJ is $61,949. The median value of a home in Brigantine is $440,382.

Explore the quiet beaches, vibrant restaurants, back bays, and pristine neighborhoods and discover why Brigantine is loved by so many near and far.


photo by: Chris Potako