Cape May

Cape May, NJ

Cape May, the Queen of the Seaside Resorts, distinguishes herself in many ways. There are pristine beaches, the promenade, and all the amenities that make any seashore town lovely, but there is also a rich history and an architectural diversity equal to none.

In fact, in 1976 the entire city of Cape May was declared a National Historic Landmark. Possessing one of the country’s largest collections of 19th century framed buildings, Cape May is New Jersey’s jewel in the crown.

But it’s not all about the history; Cape May is an island which three municipalities share – Cape May, Cape May Point and West Cape May. You can leave you car in the driveway or parking lot and walk or ride your bike anywhere and still have easy access to the grocery store, the beaches, or any of the restaurants.

photo by: mbtrama