10 Simple DIY Holiday Wreaths

Add a little holiday cheer to a door near you with these 10 creative interpretations of a Christmas favorite.

Twinkly Tinsel Wreath


For a glitzy and glamorous look, wind tinsel garland around a wreath frame, sliding newly wrapped sections toward the top so it fills nicely. Glue or tuck loose ends along the back. Voila!

Rolled Paper Wreath 


Roll colorful pages into tight tubes using a watercolor paintbrush handle. Arrange and sew completed tubes flat on top of a metal wreath frame.The more colors and patterns, the more playful your finished look will be.

Ruffled Romance Wreath


This wreath pairs well with cozy slippers and a cup of hot cocoa. Combine crumpled book pages and a standard wreath frame for the ultimate book lover’s holiday wish come true.

Christmas Candy Wreath


To create this sweet treat, bend a wire hanger into a circle. Tie wrapped peppermint candies one at a time to your wire frame. The best part: When you’re ready for a decor change, just remove and eat!

Ornament Wreath


A little fun? You betcha! Hot glue bright and bold ornaments to a wreath frame for a flashy, contemporary twist.

Split Pea Wreath


Ditch the soup and do a little DIY with a few bags of dried peas. Using a pre-made straw wreath, brush glue on the top and sides of your form. Stick peas to the glue in generous handfuls. Allow the glue to thoroughly dry before adding a colorful bow.

Cookie Cutter Wreath


Arrange cookie cutters inside a shape drawn on paper and laid flat on a table. Make sure each cookie cutter is touching before joining together with a paperclip or wire. Top with a big, red bow.

Paint Chip Wreath


Step 1: Gather paint chips in various shades of berry from your local paint store (be sure to ask first!). Step 2: Cut a circle out of Styrofoam™. Step 3: Cut each paint chip into a circle and begin hot gluing to the Styrofroam™, overlapping each row slightly as you go. Step 4: Seriously contemplate the color of your walls — a purple kitchen? Why not!

Marshmallow Wreath


Need a relatively mess-free project for the little ones? Glue marshmallows and gum drops to a Styrofoam™ wreath for whimsical door decor.

Holiday Lights Wreath


Wrap a string of lights around a wire wreath frame. Make sure to leave enough cord to reach the plug. Queue up your favorite holiday album and have an impromptu dance party using your new wreath as a holiday disco ball.

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