2014 Kitchen Trends: Open Shelving & Glass-Front Cabinets

From Zillow.com – Are you thinking — or dreaming — of a kitchen remodel in 2014? Read this first! Kitchens featuring black countertops, open shelves or glass-front cabinets, and darker paint tones will be popular with homeowners next year, according to the Zillow Digs Home Design Trend Report for 2014. This one-of-a-kind report depends on actual homeowners to identify trends and includes a survey of the Zillow Digs Board of Designers, a group of design experts from across the country.

To learn more about open shelving and glass-front cabinets, we asked Zillow Digs Board of Designers member and design expert Kerrie Kelly of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab in Sacramento, CA to provide some tips for homeowners considering kitchen or cabinet remodels in 2014.

Tip 1: Open shelving and glass-front cabinets are great for any kitchen style


Open shelving and glass-front cabinets are just as beautiful in modern kitchens as they are in traditional spaces. “Just be sure to focus on using only one or two materials,” Kelly says. Painted cabinets or shelf walls, colored glass or wood shelves are all great options depending on your style.

Tip 2: Try experimenting with glass-front cabinets or open shelving in other rooms through out the house


Open shelving and glass-front cabinets are spilling into other areas of the home, especially in bathroom vanities. “Get creative with shelving units,” Kelly says. Try incorporating “vintage pieces with sleek colors for a chic storage solution in any living space.”

Trend 3: Display kitchenware that matches your style


It’s important to carefully select your kitchenware so that you are showcasing items that match your overall kitchen style. “Spices, olive oil, cookbooks and glass jars filled with oatmeal or dried fruits are all great candidates,” Kelly says. Take time to curate those important statement kitchenware pieces. Kelly advises homeowner to “let your kitchenware collection grow with you and your space.”

Tip 4: Try experimenting with DIY shelving


One easy, or temporary, solution is to create do-it-yourself kitchen shelving with graphics, wallpaper or unique paint colors on the inside of open-shelf walls. “This [project] could be done over the weekend and provides great versatility,” Kelly says.

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